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Creating experiences, that's our heart and soul at Beyond Ghosts. Since 2010, we have been creating a culture of exploration and immersion throughout the Northeastern US, with our exclusive conventions, festivals, special events and public tours.
Beyond Ghosts LLC creates, implements, and manages, a number of live action social events in and around Buffalo and Western New York each year.

Our focus is the first person experience, as we want you to become a part of the action taking place. Fantasy, Horror, Legends, Monsters, Paranormal, Psychics... Beyond Ghosts has you covered as we specialize in these and other exciting and unique subjects.

Beyond Ghosts has continually set the standard, as all of our events help to support our host locations. With us, you're sure to have a great time, maybe even learn a thing or two, and all the while you're helping us to give back to the community.

New October Events & locations coming soon!

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