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Beyond Ghosts events are cutting edge themed, exciting, and original. If you're truly looking to put yourself directly into all the action and fun, then our exclusive signature brand of events are just the ticket! Do you enjoy such themes as fantasy, folklore, haunted places, history, horror movies, legends, magic, metaphysical subjects and psychics, mysteries, and science fiction?

Beyond Ghosts produces unique conventions, festivals, tours, and workshops covering these intriguing subjects and more, and we are a true pioneer in the field of experiential entertainment here in the Northeast.

Some of our exclusive brands include the following:

Immerse yourself in a world of paranormal phenomena with Beyond Ghosts "Haunted Weekends" at the historic Buffalo Central Terminal.

Both private and public ghost hunts are hosted by Beyond Ghosts throughout the calendar year, as are customized  private, and also public ghost tours. All of our events help to support the general upkeep and renovations at this Western New York landmark. Fun for the entire family, these programs help to highlight both the rich history and the spooky happenings believed to be part of the landscape at the Buffalo Central Terminal.

If you like ghosts and scary movies, not to mention mysteries and oddities, then The Carnival of Parahorror may be the Beyond Ghosts brand for you.

Parahorror is Buffalo and Western New York's original horror and paranormal SUPERSHOW held annually at the Buffalo Central Terminal. Enjoy a three day extravaganza of all things curious, haunted, monster inhabited, spine tingling, and downright fun for everyone who experiences The Carnival of Parahorror for themselves! Celebrities, concessions, contests, games, entertainment, movie screenings, displays, psychic readings, ghost tours, merchants, food trucks, photo ops, and more!

Once Upon A Con is an emerging brand within the Beyond Ghosts family of event types, and pays an exclusive homage to fantasy and related fantasy subjects.


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